Our well organized and well-experienced merchandising team support all the process and details in textile/ apparel trading, with regard to our client’s timely and quality requirement.

Sourcing Advice

We have strong connection with different fabric and materials suppliers. A wide range of choice can be provide on fabric and apparel accessories consideration. With your enquiry on variety of price range and quality requirement, we can provide compatible advice.

Technical Support

Our technicians and supervisor, with their prolong experience in cut-and-sewn garment, are ready to provide technical advice on patterns, workmanship, textile consideration and etc.

Design & Development

Our Design and Development team create styles trend magazine to share to our client and develop sample garment regarding trends. The team also ready to provide specific design and sample development service base on particular client’s enquiry.

Price & Quotation

To facilitate our client’s work process and decision. We provide prompt pricing and quotation service. Let us know your requirement and specification, we will support to achieve your goal on pricing.

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